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Regardless of the size of the organization, Energy and Utility companies must constantly fight the battle of increased efficiency to be competitive in a continually changing environment. EHS Managers play a critical role in this fight. Not only do they translate the incomprehensible, simplify the complex, and bring order to the chaos of day-to-day regulatory compliance, they now must make continuous improvements to efficiency as well as monitor wastes and emissions.

Enter Dakota. With our translated regulatory library fueling location-specific compliance profiles, EHS managers can monitor regulatory changes and compliance tasks through easy to use dashboards and reporting capabilities. Our ProActivityTM Suite allows for permission-based user profiles which drive compliance to the site level while establishing consistency throughout the organization. ProActivity takes things a step further with integrated tools for managing energy and water usage, carbon emissions, and other efficiency and corporate sustainability KPIs, all while allowing managers to globally analyze and monitor success.

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Southern Company

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Southern Company uses Dakota Software's EHS tools to bring clarity and consistency to their internal EHS audits.

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