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Between fire safety, grounds maintenance, water discharge, and chemical waste, EHS managers at Colleges and Universities are responsible for a challenging mix of EHS obligations. Often these institutions, both large and small, are understaffed and underfunded, resulting in ‘home grown’ solutions utilizing spreadsheets or other database tools. These systems often fail to retain the institutional knowledge required for EHS reporting, and make information sharing difficult, causing gaps in EHS compliance. They also don’t provide notification of regulatory changes, causing EHS Managers to seek this information from a third party.

Enter Dakota. With our translated EHS regulatory library and consolidated compliance tracking, EHS managers have the tools they need to act with certainty. With multi-tiered dashboards and permission-based access, our ProActivity Suite empowers educational institutions to easily monitor, analyze, and report on compliance obligations and other sustainability metrics.

Educational Discounts

Dakota Software has a proud history of involvement in EHS education and welcomes partnerships with Colleges and Universities of all sizes as they groom the next generation of environmental, safety, and sustainability leaders. We offer discounts to educational institutions that utilize our software solutions and integrated regulatory library in both their compliance and educational programs. Contact us to find out more about this unique offer.