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In a landscape of word-jumble acronyms and head-scratching enforcement actions, EHS managers in the chemical industry often struggle to keep up with the spirit and the letter of environmental regulations. And when obligations aren’t thoroughly understood, materials can’t be classified correctly, employees can’t be trained properly, and risk managers can’t make informed decisions. It’s no wonder the resulting narrow focus often leads to violations that are, more often than not, related to general environmental reporting and documentation rather than the chemical specific requirements themselves.

Enter Dakota. With our expertly translated and up-to-date regulatory library, the exact meaning of requirements is easy to understand and act upon. This library of federal environmental and safety regulations, state exceptions, and management system citations, fuels a sophisticated EHS management system that can also accommodate your internal requirements and processes. This integrated process for global documentation and change management satisfies many of the ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18000/18001 requirements and enables management of security and transportation requirements unique to the chemical industry. So, with abridged content for TSCA, CERCLA, FIFRA, or RCRA at your fingertips, you can access the information you need PDQ, avoid NOVs, and get some much needed R&R.

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