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Introducing Dakota Regulatory Change Notes

August 9th, 2017

Introducing Dakota Regulatory Change Notes

Have you noticed anything new while reviewing your profiles after a Dakota Reference Database update? Dakota has recently begun a process of specifically calling out changes we’ve made to the database that may cause you to need to review your profile that was previously complete. We’re doing this both for changes necessitated by regulatory agency activities as well as for changes Dakota makes to improve your experience with our regulatory content.

For example, recently there were additions to the list of hazardous materials that are considered marine pollutants in the Hazardous Materials Regulations. Dakota users who previously did not transport or offer for transport marine pollutants might now do so because of these additions or those users who have transported marine pollutants might now need to expand the number of materials handled as this special category of hazardous materials. Consequently, the associated Dakota applicability question should be reviewed to determine if your regulatory profile has changed.

Dakota added information about these additions to the list to our Reference Library and we also added a special CHANGE NOTES link on the affected applicability question to draw your attention to why the Dakota system is triggering you to review this applicability question to make sure that your profile reflects the latest regulatory information.

Please contact the Dakota support team with any questions or requests for assistance with this feature.

Ann Rippe

Ann Rippe

Manager of Regulatory Services

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