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Over Twenty Years of EHS Compliance Solutions

An exceptional business reputation doesn't come from being reactive. In 1988, Dakota Software introduced the first-ever EHS compliance software. Originally designed to automate the environmental auditing process, we envisioned the need for preventative solutions and pioneered the proactive EHS compliance movement. The goal was simple - de-mystify the complexity of regulations and action tracking so you always know what's been done and what's coming around the next corner.

Dakota remains dedicated to delivering the crucial information that helps you reign in the chaos of EHS compliance. Our solutions allow you to gain the insight you need to achieve and maintain EHS excellence. We aim to ensure that your business remains ahead of the curve, moving you beyond compliance and cementing your role as a leader in social responsibility and corporate sustainability.

Staying In-Step with Industry Changes

Since our beginnings as a subsidiary of Rochester Gas & Electric, we have worked hard to anticipate the needs of an evolving industry. To learn more about our history, visit us on Facebook.