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It's Time to Get Serious about EHS Compliance...

To manage EHS Compliance you need to be aware of regulatory requirements and ensure that the proper actions are being taken. An EHS management information system is a central database of permanently documented actions - a virtual history book that always exists, even as personnel change. It keeps track of every step of your compliance process so you always know what's been done and what needs to be done. In a world of constantly changing requirements, Dakota's solutions just make sense.

... It's Time to Choose Dakota

Dakota does things differently. Our regulatory database ensures that you understand the meaning of EHS regulations and our site-specific profiles help you eliminate the noise, so you can focus resources on the requirements that matter to you. Our systems automatically notify users of regulatory changes while our personalized dashboards provide insight to decision makers and guidance at the points of control. The result? Compliance just happens.

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Why Spreadsheets Don't Work

  • Inordinate amount of time managing data
  • Nonexistent audit trails
  • Lack of real time data views across the enterprise
  • Difficulty in generating custom reports
  • Inability to provide users with varying security levels

Why Dakota Is Different

  • Integrated Regulatory Database
  • Site-specific EHS compliance profiles
  • Streamlined EHS auditing process
  • Enterprise-wide visibility
  • Simplified Documentation and CSR reporting

Why Dakota? Watch the Video.

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